Kid Dollmore Girl - Snow Blossom : Vian - LE20
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<<  Kid Dollmore Girl - Snow Blossom : Vian - LE20  >>

A fantasy elf Vian with the special pink colored skin in the snow Blossom

Elf Vian who has an oriental-calm beauty looks as if she came out of a fairy tales found in a secret library..

She has a special place in our heart like a snowstorm blew in from the open window

and finally came through the white dragon and violet river in an adventure like a mirage.

A fantasy elf Vian is born as limited edition worldwide to just 20 pieces. ^^

December Snow Blossom will begin to bloom with love and hope in pink.

<<  Included  >>

- make-up pink skin Vian head
- assembled pink skin body
- eyes: D - Specials 14mm Eyes(DS08), wig:(7-8) Roman Long Wig (Pink)
- outfit set : hair deco + kimono + one-piece skirt + underpants + waist deco + tail
- shoes: MSD - kacssi Sandal (White)
- box, cushion, COA


<<  body size >>

- Height : 43.5cm
- Head :17cm (7-8inch sized wigs fit well)
- Eyes : 14mm
- Neck : 7.6cm
- Bust : 18cm
- Shoulder : 6.5cm
- Weist :15.5cm
- Hip : 18.5cm
- Foot : 6.0cm

<<  order and shipping info  >>

1. from order to shipping : order -> payment -> production/shipping
you can't cancel or return goods becase of order production system.
2. By starting from payment (not order date), it will be shipped in turns.

<< payment >>

1. Paypal - Dollmore will send you a invoice via paypal.^^
2. Paygate (direct credit card payment)
3. Bank transfer.



1. If you find out damage to our dolls and doll stuffs, contact us within 1 week after receiving the packet.

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