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* Special Limited Edition - LE20

I do not know whether i get in to the dream or awake from a dream.
I see the clock in a state of chaos
It is 5minute of 12 o'clock.
tick-tock, tick-tock
The sound of the clock strikes my heart.

When this place starts to wait me
I am in the distortion space that
is between running time and returning clocks. 

This is a new doll designed by Ms Gu Mi-Jung who designed zaoll and narsha doll.
Hope to see the luxury, beautiful and intelligent expression.

 Alexia release with beautiful and transparent skin tone. 


What is Real Skin Normal ?

Dollmore develops very transparency skin tone which is made of special resin.
It has similar transparency sense like french resin doll but it contains much anti UV agent which will much reduce the yellowing speed  than normal resin doll.
This transparency skin type can be produced by Dollmore only and only used for the doll in very high quality.



* Words from Doll Sculpture Designer Gu Mi-Jung. 

I imagine boy and girl between zaoll and narsha doll.
Alexia and Alex is an adolescent boy and girl who have a little baby line body.
I experience hard and long time to make and post the doll.
I hope alexia and alex doll earn love from many owners.:))



* Included for this Alexia doll

Alexia head(no face up), body(whole assembled), eyes, 2 cushions, box, warranty

Notice: Eyes will be shipped in random condition. It's color and shape will be different one by one.



* Notice 1: This doll doesn't include make up, body blushing and hands blushing.
If you want to add these service, please select option or contact us about it.

* Notice 2: If you don't like this doll's default make up like the photo, you may exchange make up to the following two doll's make up.

1. Alex Girl - Alexia ==>Same default make up like this doll
2. Alex Doll - Naked Alexia ==>Same default make up like this doll

<<  order and shipping info  >>

1. From order to shipping : order -> payment -> production/shipping
so you can't cancel or return or exchange goods depending on the production system.

2. Inprocess date: 30 business days at least


* Alexia Style Tip

- Eyes : 12mm Classic Flat Back Oval Glass Eyes (CD01)
- Wig : (7-8) Princess Mohair (Blonde)
- Clothes : Narsha Girl - Encre Violette ; Real Skin Narsha - LE10
- Shoes : Alex & Zaoll - Basic Girl Shoes (Black Enamel)


- Eyes : 12mm Classic Flat Back Oval Glass Eyes (CD01)
- Wig : (7-8) NHG Sobazu Wig (R.Brown) - * 1501/Jan/D-73/M/33D
- Clothes : Alex Doll - Minute Handwriting ; Alexia - LE10
- Shoes : Alex & Zaoll - Basic Girl Shoes (Black Enamel)

* Clothes set in this style tip will not ship together.
And we will not sell these clothes set seperately because this clothes set is the clothes of other limited edition doll, seeking your kind understanding. 


[Alexia Size]

* Eye size : 12mm
* Tall : 46cm
* Circumference of Head : 18cm
* Circumference of neck : 9cm
* Circumference of chest : 19.5cm
* Width of shoulders : 9cm
* Circumference of waist : 19cm
* Circumference of hips : 22cm
* Lenth of "from hips to ankle" : 23cm
* Lenth of "from knee to ankle" : 10cm
* Foot size : 6cm

* Designed by Gu Mi-Jung

March,2003 Completed Bimond's Doll Academy
April,2003 Korea Ball Jointed Doll Association executive member
June, 2003 Movie"Whispering Corridors 3: Wishing Stairs,2003" provided dolls

July, 2003 Exhibit in "The New Artist of Korean Doll"

October,2003 Exhibit in "Chungju International Craft Biennale" Sponsored by Korean Creaft Promotion Foudation
October,2003 Exhibit in "Guangju Shginsegye Gallery Doll Exhibition"
December, 2003 Exhibit in "Dongdaemoon Hello A.P.M Event Exhibition"

2004, Designed "NARSHA"
April, 2004 Exhibit in "3rd TOY FAIR"
May, 2004 Exhibit in " Group Exhibition" in Mac Gallery
May, 2004 Exhibit in "Ball Jointed Doll Exhibition" sponsored by LEVI STRAUSS&CO
August,2004 Movie "The Sacrlet Letter,2004" provided dolls.(NARSHA)
October,2004 Exhibit in "The scent of memory in Movie"Sponsored by Korean Creaft Promotion Foudation

January, 2005 Exhibit in "5th TOY FAIR"
January, 2005 Exhibit in "Seoul Exhibition"Sponsored by Department Store HYUNDAI
October, 2005 Exhibit in "Korea Japan Ball Jointed Doll Exhibition" in Hiroshima

2006, Designed "Zaoll"
June, 2006 Participation in Yoshiko Hon's Ball Jointed Doll Exhibition in Hiroshima City Art mMuseum.
December, 2006 Seould COEX"1st World Doll Festival"Participation

2007, Designed"Q.pito"
Febraury,2007 KT Culture Center sponsorship"Dreaming Doll Exhibition"
May, 2007 German Toy Industry Museum sponsorship"Puppenkunst aus Korea"Exhibition
December,2007 Seould COEX"2nd World Doll Festival"participation

<< payment >>

1. Paypal - Dollmore will send you a invoice via paypal.^^ 

2.  Eximbay (direct credit card payment)

3. Bank transfer.
- Bank name: standard chartered bank korea limited
- Account: 431-20-243375
- Recipient: lee eun young
- Bank tel:   82- 2- 521- 9252   
- Bank address : standard chartered bank korea limited 1675-1
  Seochodong Seochogu Seoul 137-070 Korea
 ( Gyodaeyeok Br. )

* Compatible size for her outfit: Clothes in SD size will be too big for her but clothes in MSD size will be too short for her.
Please select clothes which will not limit so much for size. ( leggings, open jacket and so on)

We will continue to release new clothes for Alexia doll.  

* Compatible size for her wig: 7-8 inch wig 

* Compatible size for her shoes: MSD size shoes will be too small for her. Please select boots in SD girl size.   


* Dollmore keeps all copyright and all proprietary rights of sculpture for Alexia doll.

* Design application No. 2006-50002
* Design registration No. 0462757   


1. If you find out damage to our dolls and doll stuffs, contact us within 1 week after receiving the packet.

2. We provide free shipping service by Fedex if a buyer buy more than 1500 us dollar at one time. But if you want to receive order by ems because of customs tax issue in your country, you should pay extra shipping fee to repeat fedex shipping method to ems shipping method.

3. If you buy many doll stands or doll furniture, then it is impossible to provide free shipping service.

4. We can ship order by Fedex, EMS, SF Express( Rincos), Standard air mail (Rincos), EE-packet and boat.

5. When you buy less than 1500 us dollar but did not pay shipping fee, it means that it happened system error. We are trying our best to fix system error now. Very sorry to make you confused. We will tell you shipping fee of your order.

6. When you are in Europe and USA, we suggest you select fedex shipping method. 

7. EMS, Fedex and Standard air mail shipping fee is charged based on box size.  So when you buy a doll stuff that should ship by big box, shipping fee will be very high.

8. EMS and EE-packet and Boat tracking page link : 국제특급-EMS행방조회영문 (

  SF Express tracking page link : SF Express (

  Fedex  tracking page link : 특송, 배송 및 발송 서비스 | FedEx 한국


9. To ask about further questions about shipping fee, send email to us. 

Email :,


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