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[Event Gift] All Size - Venezia Mask (Yellow Gold)
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* Notice:  We give one Venezia Mask as gift if you buy more than 50 us dollar during Jan, 1st~31st,2021.

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The 2nd work, Venezia mask of delicate workmanship by a Metal Craft Artist.


The entire process from sculpture, reproduction, finishing  to plating on this metal mask


made from high quality material proceeded 100% all by his own hand.


It's shape can be a little adjusted due to metal material,


so it fits well on many dolls with flat or round face sculpts.


Especially from small face sculpt Deardoll to Narsha, Kid, Judith Zinna, Adam, EVE, Glamor EVE, Model doll


and Glamor Model doll, etc. It can be worn on many dolls in various sizes.


It can't cause any damages to doll eyelashes or face-up like scratch to be finished inside with silicone.


But this metal product should be treated with extra caution.


And the tie-back satin ribbons will hold the mask in place with no interruptions.


It would be better as a precious collection~


* Size : 5.8cm X 3cm (string length 29cm)


* Included : mask, warranty, case


* Model : Dollmore Glamor Model doll - Yarn sae (75cm tall)
* Model : Dollmore Model doll Ryu Miu (68cm tall)
* Model : Dollmore Deardoll - Popo & Bomi (26.5cm tall)
* Model : Dollmore Kid - Roo (43cm tall)
* Model : Dollmore EVE - Mio (57cm tall)




* Instructions


1. There is a little difference in its shapes due to the nature of handicrafts.


2. The color and texture in the image could look slightly different from the actual product.


3. If the product is defective, you can receive our A/S free of charge.


4. There are tiny bubbles and scratches due to the nature of handicrafts.
For this reason, we don't give refunds or allow exchanges.



* Metal craft artist: Heenal





*** Any problems to the dolls and doll stuffs, contact us within 1 week after receiving the packet. *****

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