About Dollmore

                          Dollmore is the Ball Jointed Doll company that was  was found on February 22, 2002 .

                             Our business name 'Dollmore' is a portmanteau of the words "Doll" and "More",  
                              meaning  to collect many dolls with the best quality.

                              'Moeuda' is in the Korean dialect, which means 'collect'.  


                             We produce kinds of ball jointed dolls and associated items

                             (wigs, shoes, clothes, eyes, eyelashes, doll stands, furniture, ooak doll making tools, etc.) 

                             We always try best to be a global doll development company

                            and provide best service to all customers.



                          * If you cannot find needed doll stuffs in the website,
                         please email to us. We are happy to help you to find link of that doll stuffs.



                          * If you have any comment or suggestion regarding our Dollmore dolls
                          please email to us. We will pay attention to hear your suggestion carefully.


                         * We will respond to all comments and requests within 1 business day.


                         * Whatever doll stuffs you are looking for, Dollmore will strive to provide it.