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Youth Dollmore Eve - Fine
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<<  Youth Dollmore Eve - Fine  >>

A fascinating two-faced, Fine.
From the present to the past and from the modern to the classic...are with her.
Tell me all... I will keep your secret...
The look in her eyes that have a mysterious appeal tell her story..

Her name "Fine" means "the flowers bloom"
Fine of 17 with a mature appearance loves coral beige colored lipstick
and she really likes her unique hairstyles..and wants to meet many people
and travel all over the world...and she hope to be a photo artist.

I wonder you to the depth of your mind....

<< Included >>

- no make-up Fine head, assembled normal body(two flat feet parts)
- 16mm Acryl Eyes(random),
- white petticoat, cushion, box, COA.

* if you want the other colored acryl eyes and wig for her,
  please put a memo for them on additional comments section
* if you have a make-up style and tone that you want, please let me know.
  it's possible as you want.^^

<< Body Size >>

*  height : 57cm
*  Circumference of Head  : 22.7cm
*  Circumference of chest  : 23.5cm
*  Circumference of waist  : 17cm
*  Circumference of hips  : 24.5cm
*  Circumference of  wrist  : 5cm
*  Circumference of ankle : 6.5cm
*  Lenth of arm : 18cm
*  Lenth of "from waist to the end of foot" : 36.5cm
*  eye size : 16mm
*  Foot size  : 6.5cm

*  wig size : 8-9 size

<<  order and shipping info  >>

1. from order to shipping : order -> payment -> production/shipping
so, you can't cancel or return goods becase of order production system.
2. By starting from payment (not order date), it will be shipped in turns.

<< payment >>

1. Paypal - Dollmore will send you a invoice via paypal.^^
2. INIpay (direct credit card payment)
3. Bank transfer

* Styling Tip

wig - (8-9) Sophie Wave Wig(Blone) : It's a styling wig for taking a photo.
(8-9) Silky Design Wave (LT Blond)
eye - D - Specials 14mm Eyes(008-4)
outfit- SD - Happy Scent Dress Set (White)
SD - Long Underskirt (White)
stokings - SD - Mum Band Stocking (White)
shoes - SD - Lace Rococo Sandal (White)
furniture - Model doll size - Suede Double Sofa (Black)

wig - (8-9) Bob Curl (Black)
eye - D - Specials 14mm Eyes(008-5)
outfit - SD - OZ Factory Set (Black)
SD - loose T- shirt (Red)
SD - String Top (Solid Black)
stockings - SD - Pippi Knee socks(Stria&B)
shoes - SD - Cuffs High Boots
acc - ALL Size 1cm belt (Black)




*** Any problems to the dolls and doll stuffs, contact us within 1 week after receiving the packet. *****

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