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Fashion Doll - Glamor Sara - LE30
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<<  Fashion Doll - Glamor Sara - LE30  >>

There is a glamorous-looking Fashion doll - Sara with the big bust part~!

Sara in full lips and fascinating eyes

is a well-proportioned beautiful super model~!!

Her perfect slender body lines and various model poses.. How fine it is!^^

If you wanted to meet someone sophisticated and glamorous,

It would be good news for you~ ^^

A parting line between the shoulder and elbow joint,

hand parts made with regular strings, not magnets in the wrist

It shows you her perfect and various poses with the upgraded arm part.^^

<<  Included  >>

- head(make up) + assembled body
- 6mm Glass Eyes(random)
- 5inches wig
- outfit set(Bra, panty, corset, stockings, deco on wrist), sandals
- Box, 2 cushions, COA

* if you want the specific eyes and wig for her, please put a memo for them on "order comments"

<<  body size  >>

* Tall : 42cm
* Circumference of the head : 12.9cm
* Circumference of the neck : 6.5cm
* Circumference of the chest : 21.5cm
* Width of the shoulders : 9cm
* Circumference of the hips : 20.2cm
* Circumference of the waist : 11.5cm
* Foot size : 4cm
* Eye size : 6mm (Diameter)

<<  order and shipping info  >>

1. from order to shipping : order -> payment -> production/shipping
so, you cann't cancel or return goods becase of order production system.
2. By starting from payment (not order date), it will be shipped in turns.

<< payment >>

1. Paypal - Dollmore will send you a invoice via paypal.^^
2. Paygate (direct credit card payment)
3. Bank transfer.

* If it's possible, please choose a make-up option
it's too hard to do owing to her small head.^^ besides, it's impossible in custom face-up.
Please let there be no misunderstanding about this

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