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12" Cute Doll - Arietta
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12" Cute Doll - Arietta


I make secret everyday.
My secret shines like a crystal on my diary.
I left another secret on my diary today.


I remembered that when i was a child i saw many jewels
that protected in my mother's jewelly box .

It seems that all world is full of jewels
when I saw outside world through various jewels.

When i see outside world through amethyst,
all world is full of violet color.

When i see outside world through sapphire,
 all world is full of green color.

When i see outside world through ruby,
all world is full of pink color.

When i see outside world through amber,
all world is full of gold color.

Various beauty is grain by grain in the jewelly box.
My mother's jewelly box fascinate me.

However, my youth year's diary shines more brilliant
because i put so many my precious memory in this diary.

This memory is too brilliant to be carved to another shape like a jewel.


Arietta has the manner and style of a patrician.
She is really a beautiful girl.
Her eyes is painted.
Her slim and jointed doll body is able to make various pose.
We suggest you coordinate her with various clothes.
Really good joint body makes her become a good model.


* Included: Head(No make up). body(assembled), 2 pair of feet( flat feet and heel feet),
Random wig(4-5inch), box, 2 cushions 






<<  Body Size  >>

- Tall : 32cm
- Circumference of Head : 11.43 cm ( about 4.5 inch) 
- Circumference of neck : 4cm
- Circumference of chest : 13.3cm
- Width of shoulders : 6cm
- Circumference of waist : 8cm
- Circumference of hips : 12.3cm
- Lenth of "from hips to ankle" : 17.5cm
- Lenth of "from knee to ankle" : 7.7cm
- Foot size : 2.6cm (heel feet)


* Style Tip

Clothes: Neo Lukia Doll - Strawberry Milk : Lukia - LE 30 ( do not ship together)

Wig: (4-5) Parting Long Sobazu

Shoes: 12" Nalla Shoes (White)


* Dolls on the photo has make up.

If you want to receive a doll face like the photo, we suggest you select opton.

Makeup price is much expensive than other type dolls because we have to paint eyes on this doll.



<<  order and shipping info  >>

1. From order to shipping : order -> payment -> production/shipping
so you can't cancel or return or exchange goods depending on the production system.
2. Your order will be shipped out according to its payment date.

3. In process: 30 business days


<< payment >>

1. Paypal - Dollmore will send you a invoice via paypal.^^
2. Paygate (direct credit card payment)
3. Bank transfer.


* Fitable Wig: Wig of (3-4) inch Dollfie Plus
* Fitable Clothes: Clothes of 12 inch Fashion Model barbie or Dollfie Plus
* Fitable Shoes: Shoes of 12 inch doll and Dollfie Plus and so on.




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