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Mokashura Girl - Mint (Normal)
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* Mokashura Girl - Mint (Normal) 


Mum, Mum
Would you buy a princesse dress for me?
The beautiful dress showing in Youtube that i watched yestoday.

There are many interesting things coming from mums cell phone everyday.
I want to eat pink jawbreaker with gold line
I want to play with big bear doll in yellow color

I become a child who always makes impossible demands
I become my mums peewish princess daughter 


Mum, Mum
I will become a good child from tomorrow
So please buy a this beautiful dress for me. 




* New Mokashura doll Mint
Mint is nice to all people and very like to help people in trouble
Hope your a lot of love for this mint doll.:))


* Who is Mokashura Doll?

Mokashura Doll is one of the most precious baby doll after Trinity and Lusion doll.
The name of Mokashura comes from Gaelic language 'Mocuishle' with similar pronunciation and meaning of
" my love, my flesh and blood "
Hope your love for our precious Mokashura Doll Mint , a sister of Dahlia~


*  Included

1. Head & Body(no make up, totally assembled, easy parts)
2. Eyes: Random eyes in 28mm size
3. Wig: Random
4. Warranty
5. Box
6. 2 cushions   


* Notice: Doll at the photo with fist hands parts.But it will ship with basic hands parts.
              First hands parts sells sperately. 





* Mokashura Girl - Mint Style Tip ==> will not ship together.


- Clothes1 : Mokashura Size - Cradlesong Dress (Ivory)
- Clothes2 : Mokashura Size - AB706 Dana Dress (Pink)
- Eyes : 28mm Solid Glass Doll Eyes - PW03(B)
- Wig : (13-14) Soft Sobazu Wig (Brown)
- Shoes : MSD - Basic Girl Shoes (White Enamel)


These clothes, shoes, eyes and wig will not ship together.


* Compatible Size

We release many clothes for our mokashura dolls.
She wears same size clothes with baby doll.

Here is category list
Home > Doll Clothes > Mokashura Size
Home > Underwear&Stockings > Mokashura Stockings
Home > Doll Clothes > Mokashura Size

Home > Doll Shoes > DM Kid/Judith/MSD size : dress shoes, sports shoes with short lenth
Home > Doll Wig > (13-14) Lusion & Trinity
Home > Doll Eyes > Acrylic Eye > 28mm
Home > Doll Eyes > Glass Eye > 28mm
Home > Doll Accessories > Accessries > Hairpin/Hairband 

* The doll at the photo with make up and body blushing, if you want to receive the doll like this photo, please select option.

* It is impossible to refund or exchange after payment because this is hands made products after payment.

* In process date: 30 business days at least  ( It may need another 1~2 weeks depends on schedule)

* Blushing Fee

Feet&Hands blushing fee: 30 dollar
Feet blushing fee only: 20 dollar
Hands blushing fee only: 20 dollar. 



* Mokashura Doll Size

- Height: 40.5cm (16inch)
- Head: 32cm (13 inch wig)
- Eyes: 28mm
- Neck: 10cm
- Bust: 19cm
- Shoulder : 7cm
- Waist: 18.5cm
- Hip: 25.3cm
- Foot : 5.5cm (width 2.8cm)
- Shoulder to the end of finger: 16cm
- Waist to the end of foot: 21.5cm
- Hip to the end of foot: 17cm


* Notice: Size will be a little different based on its produce time and measurement method.

* Mokashura doll has special easy parts.
This parts is very useful when you wear clothes set with narrow sleeve for arms and pants
It is very cute and the using method is as following photo




* Design Register: 2006-50002 








*** Any problems to the dolls and doll stuffs, contact us within 1 week after receiving the packet. *****

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