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Glamor Eve Doll - Lacy Mio - LE15
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* Special Limited Edition- LE 15
* Glamor Eve Doll - Lacy Mio - LE15  



I see the sky through old paper
It has been discolored and crumpled
Brillent light goes through the paper
and shows up well against most old paper

Suddenly, small but dazzling story
is fainted and burnt to ashes
It disappears into darkness.

Well, when we are desirous of each other
It is just an old story which will disappear soon.
It is too light to leave any stain
There's nothing i can do!

I write down a lot of stories between us in my diary and 
I still suffer severe pain when i read it.
Finally, i put it on fire to remove all memory with you.


Beautiful Dollmore Eve Doll Mio comes back with glamor body.
Glamor body has beautiful big bust, pelvis and thigh line.
Mio has lace make up and very mystic eyeline.
Hope your love to mio doll.

* Included: Mio head(make up), glamor eve normal body(including manicure/dollpire hands parts), eyes(random), wig, box, clothes set,  shoes, 2 cushions, warranty, doll manual

- Clothes : Bra, Panty, Stockings
- Eyes : 12mm Classic Flat Back Oval Glass Eyes (CC07)
- Wig : (8-9) Digital Wave Wig (Grey)  

- Shoes : SD (high heels) Shoes - Eternel Shoes (Enamel Black)  




<< Lacy Mio's Size >>

*  height : 59cm
*  Circumference of Head  : 19.4cm
*  Circumference of chest  : 25.5cm
*  Circumference of waist  : 16cm
*  Circumference of hips  : 26.5cm
*  Circumference of wrist  : 5cm
*  Circumference of ankle : 7cm
*  Length of arm : 17cm
*  Length of "from waist to wrist" : 34cm
*  eye size : 14mm
*  Foot size  : 6cm
*  wig size : 8-9 size


* Body : 'Design& sculpted by St.Cura'

* Head : Doll Artist Mia


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- In general, It takes about a month from the date you pay

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* Design registration No. 2006-50002


*** Any problems to the dolls and doll stuffs, contact us within 1 week after receiving the packet. *****

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